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Joining the THS House/Pet sitting community is an easy process, but completing your profile on the site and applying for sits takes a bit more time and thought to give yourself the best chance of being selected by owners. We hope to help you with all that on this blog post. The first thing you need to do to get started is to head on over to Trustedhousesitters and complete the easy to do quick sign up information. Just click on the “JOIN NOW” button in the top right hand corner of their Page. Once you’ve joined read on for tips. Be sure to click on this link here to receive a 20% discount on your first years membership.

Top Tips To Being Chosen For Sits

IT’S IMPORTANT TO CREATE A GREAT PROFILE FOR YOURSELF make it detailed and show your strengths – you need to stand out from the competition!   Your Profile has to Wow the owners!

1.  HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRONG POINTS about your personality and what you would bring to the house/pet sit.

2.  INCLUDE ANY PAST EXPERIENCE of house and pet sitting, however small, maybe you looked after your friends tortoise one day, just make sure its all included.

3.  REFERENCES – See if you can get some really good references, perhaps a character reference from someone you know well, a reliability reference from a past employer or maybe you’ve looked after that friends tortoise and they’d give you a reference!

4.  PHOTOS SAY IT ALL – One of the best ways to show who you are and how you are around pets is with photos. With all pet sitters profiles you will get the opportunity to add photos. Great idea if you can get a shot of you cuddling a dog, or working with animals. Think hard about what you would like to see if you were a pet owner looking for a sitter.

5.  SKILLS – Have you got any skills that might be handy during the sit? Think about anything you may have done in the past, maybe you have some experience with larger animals perhaps horses, or have training in swimming pool maintenance, maybe you’re good at gardening or DIY, have cleaning or property management skills. Dig deep and build a list to add to your profile!

RESPOND QUICKLY WHEN YOU SEE A SIT THAT ‘GRABS’ YOU – you’ll be amazed at the amount of sitters that will also apply, it can get pretty competitive for those luxury sits!

COMMITMENT – Within the owner’s sit information will be the specific house/pet needs, so be aware of these and make sure you are comfortable and able to carry out those tasks. It may be that the dog will need two hour-long daily walks, or the pet may be in need of daily injections, there may be specific house/pool maintenance tasks. Don’t commit unless you are happy to carry out all of the responsibilities.   Do your own due diligence about the location of the sit, research the neighbourhood, you want to be sure you feel safe and happy especially if the sit is for an extended period of time.

VISAS – Check and re-check that you have all the correct Visa requirements. They differ from one country to another and you want to be sure that you comply with the Visa requirements.

IF YOU ARE SELECTED BY OWNERS ON TO THEIR SHORTLIST  – offer the opportunity to Skype/Facetime. We have Skyped prior to confirming all our sits, it’s a great way to “meet” the homeowners and get to know them. Both parties need to feel happy and relaxed that they’ve made a good choice.  You can very quickly gauge that you’ve found a good match with a face to face conversation!

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Top Tips During The Sit

  1. Arrive prepared. Make sure you have received the Owner’s Welcome Pack at least a week before you arrive for the sit. It will contain all the relevant information about the house and the pet(s), more detailed information on the owners requirements, emergency contact information, location of the nearest clinic/hospital, watering of indoor and outdoor plants, dishes they prefer not to be used, how to operate the home alarm system if there is one, etc. and perhaps info about the surrounding area.   We always make a note of the main specifics to take in with us on arrival and a note of any questions to ask the homeowners. It’s YOUR JOB to make sure you ask all the questions you need answers to before the owners leave.
  2. Keeping in contact – We think it’s really important to keep in touch with the owners, not going overboard, but certainly to let the owners know how everything is going and how their pet(s) are doing. Of course some owners want frequent updates and some not so much. You can always ask the owner’s preference about this before they leave. We always send a photo or two showing the pet(s) happy and relaxed to put the owners minds at rest while they are away.
  3. Never forget that taking care of the pet/s is your main priority. Whether you are staying in a villa in Italy or somewhere amazing you have never visited before, never lose sight of the responsibility of pet care. Of course the owners will want you to enjoy their home area and explore a little, if we are sitting for say dogs and they are happy to explore with you we are always happy to take them with us, if not, we never leave the home/pets for long periods of time, never for more than 4-5 hours in a day, go by what the owners say too. If the homeowner walks their dog an hour in the morning and an hour each evening; you need to commit to that routine 100%.   While you’re not getting paid, taking care of the pet is still ‘your job’ and you should take that responsibility very seriously.
  4. Caring for the owners home with respect – you will need to treat the owners home as you would your own, keeping it clean throughout, dusting and vacuuming, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and before the owner returns making sure all that you have used – fridge, microwave, oven, toaster etc are all thoroughly cleaned.
  5. The owners return – as well as having the owner’s house sparkling clean and ready for them and their pets relaxed, groomed and walked, it’s a really nice idea to think about having a meal prepared for the owners on their homecoming if time allows. You can chat about their travels, tell them how the pet/house sit has gone.  This is also a pretty handy little tip if you fancy doing the same pet sit another time, a little kindness goes a long way! 

Remember to ask the owners for a Review

If you have done a great job they will give you a great review and that will go a long way towards your future sits. Informing prospective owners on your sitting performance. On Trustedhousesitters the pet/home owners post their review directly on the website.  No one can revise or edit the review in anyway before it’s posted, making sure the reviews are all true and unfiltered.

Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Its a really good idea to keep updating your profile especially as you get a few sits under your belt. Add a few photos of your recent pet sits to your gallery and let owners know what kind of pets you’ve been caring for on previous sits.

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