How The Global Pet Sitters Started

How The Travelling Pet Sitters Started

Have you heard about the latest trend – low cost travelling!!   As an international house/pet sitter you can seriously extend your travel budget. We explain how this concept of low cost travelling works and has enabled us to visit new locations whilst enjoying the company of pets, meeting new people and allowing us to live a low cost lifestyle.

In 2018 when planning our overseas travel project for 2019, we heard about this relatively new concept of worldwide house and pet sitting and wanted to know more.   Little did we know that this was to be such a huge part of our travelling future.   We love animals and missed having our own pets but we wanted to travel.  The obstacle was our small travel fund and very possibly it seemed we had just found a huge help with that.

We joined the largest International Pet/House sitting community  – and  began applying for our very first house sitting stay. This was to be the start of our plan to embark on a life of house and pet sitting around the World.  Read here about becoming a Sitter and tips on creating your great Sitter Profile.

If you love to travel then house/pet sitting as you go is a great way to help your travel funds stretch further – it can save you loads on accommodation costs.  Not only that, it allows the opportunity to ‘live like locals’  avoiding impersonal and often costly hotels.  You get to meet new people and make friends along the way and best of all you get to have  the ‘furrbulous’ company of different pets.

We figured that starting our house sitting in the UK would allowed us to visit the home/pet  owners so that they could meet us, especially as initially we had no reviews and nothing but our Profile for the owners to go on.   We hoped that, in time, our Ratings and Reviews posted by owners that we had sat for, would help to support our international pet/house sit applications, where it would not be possible to meet the owners, with the only way of introduction being Skype or Facetime.

Building great reviews has certainly been key to us getting some of the best sits, after building a bank of reviews in the UK we set off to the USA and spent 3 months pet sitting our way around California, before heading to Southern Spain for 7 weeks caring for two dogs at a villa with pool.

You too can copy this life style. Do what we’re doing!!!   If you love animals and want to travel then read more to find out how this all works!

Pet Sitting Around The World

Pet sitting is a win/win for both pet sitters and pet/home owners.   The owners get to travel with peace of mind because their home and pet(s) are being exceptionally well cared for in their own home and with no costly boarding expenses. And travelling House/Pet sitters like us, get to enjoy time staying in beautiful cities and countryside’s around the world giving lots of love to pets and homes – you could be staying in a Caribbean waterfront villa with a cat and a dog for two months or 2 weeks in a Manhattan flat …. what’s not to like!  Another great aspect to this adventure is that no money changes hands, it is all about trust, obligation, diligence and kindness.

There are now more than a few online websites for home/pet owners to advertise their ‘sitter’ requests. Our favourite by far, is Trustedhousesitters, it is the one that we use. It has the largest international house sitting community – over 70 countries – and we can fully recommend it because we are paying members ourselves and have completed more than 50 sits through them.     After joining you can set up alerts that list the latest sits and if one catches your eye, if the dates, location etc are of interest to you, then you can apply via the secure website direct to the owner to do the sit.    We really love seeing the alerts come up on our phone and scrolling through the new adverts of the latest pets to sit for, places to travel to and homes to live in.

In our opinion they have the greatest number of listings and the highest quality listings.  What would you say to this?? …..Three months on the Caribbean island of Anguilla?  A month in Italy??…..yes, for real!!    Some of the many truly fabulous travel opportunities. Take a look at our blog post on how to join Trustedhousesitters and start your pet and house sitting adventures.

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