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How The Travelling Petsitters Started

We found a way of travelling the globe on a budget, living in lovely homes and caring for beautiful pets.

Start House Sitting and Travel More

Possibly the most asked question everyone wants the answer to …. So how do we fund a life of travel?

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A Little Bit About Us!​

Hi There!  We are Julie and Jonathan AKA  ‘The Travelling Pet Sitters’  just a couple who are travelling the world  caring for homes and pets.  Living in lovely homes, accommodation free.  So many of our friends have said we must be ‘Living the Dream’  (and for us we definitely are)  and that they would love to travel more, but not sure how to make it happen.

But actually by house sitting you can travel very cheaply. We’ve started this blog to inspire others that exploring the world is achievable by anyone, especially if you have a love of pets! and It doesn’t have to be full time.

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